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The wonderful spiral to discover Naples

It often happens that the suggestions of mass and illusions drag us into their vortices, releasing in us the desire to know, to travel, to push us beyond the line of the unknown and to challenge phenomena that we believe of other worlds.
A “journey”, what we propose, whose whirl of exploration begins in the belly of Naples and follows in his to give a spiral-shaped trajectory.

The pole of Speyer Mirabilis, the place of origin thereof, is the Borgo di Santa Lucia, synthesis of crosses and stories, which owes its name to the ancient church built by the sea, for the growing cult of the saint, patroness of the city together with St. Gennaro.
A path that moves its steps up the peculiar complex of alleys, streets, terraces and houses that joins the maritime quarter to the historic center of Naples, home Of Church of the new Jesus, from the monumental façade that kidnaps for the magnificent geometries.

Along the history of the streets of the time, we reach the Monumental complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore Whose extraordinary stratification of Greco-Roman origin will leave you breathless.

With its very high neo-Gothic façade you meet, later on, the Duomo, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which constitutes one of the many most characteristic places of the city of Naples: The walls, in fact, guard a treasure of unique importance both from an artistic and religious point of view.

Driven by the Wondrome whirl you can see the Basilica dell’Annunziata, which founded its historical roots in the fourteenth century, becoming one of the most important and ancient institutions of the Kingdom of Naples.
An abandoned childcare body that became in the time a place of hope for couples who, unable to put a child in the world, decided to adopt one of many abandoned to his famous “wheel, through which the” exposed ” They were entrusted to the angelic cares of the nuns.

A few metres further on you reach Piazza del Carmine, where stands the Basilica of the Madonna del Carmine, one of the most important places of worship in the city; In this place, every 16 July the fire of the bell tower takes place through an optical illusion given by the numerous fireworks positioned on it, which are extinguished only at the arrival of the image of the Madonna del Carmine, giving life to one of the traditional festivals Most loved by the Neapolitan.
From Piazza del Carmine climbing up the spiral to reach its pole, you can see the complex of St. Clare, with its striking Gothic style, with its imposing large cusp façade, houses the ancient perforated rose window, famous for its geometric embroidery.

Continuing towards San Biagio dei Librai (the Spaccanapoli note) It is essential to stop in Church of Saints Philip and James, pulsating heart of the city, celebrating the history of one of the ancient town excellences, that of the art of Silk, “to which one owes the turning point of the southern Seric manufactory”.

Along the narrow San Gregorio Armeno, known to the general public as “via Dei Presepi”, one can see the church of the same name, recognized by the people also as Church of Santa Patrizia, who, every Tuesday, repeats the wonder of the liquefaction of his blood.
And this is how suddenly you feel the weight of centuries of history, in a crescendo of sparkling wonders. The spiral exhibits along the way real works of art, Sacred crafts and shepherds ‘ shops, whose secrets kidnap the Wayfarers in an extraordinary journey back in time in the ancient “Neapolis”.